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Been part of the community in Steemit is one best choice I ever choose especially in #teammalaysia community. Lately, I have been very busy focus on other projects such as eUsahawan course and doing research on other projects. Which give me a plenty of excuses not able to write a post as usual in Steemit but this one is special. An evidence of hope which hopefully continues of Steemit and the rise of Steem price to build up confident of others to support it as well.

The #teammalaysia community has been doing a wonderful project and provide multiple support throughout not just a single state but the whole country of Malaysia as I write. They have been promoting one event after another but now even go to SteemFest to support the scattered community around the world.

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Well, recently I just received my Steem Malaysia T-shirt (which I don’t want to buy in the first place but I love to support it back). A shoutout for @littlenewthings for persistent continuous promoting it in the #teammalaysia community in Discord and to ensure the design in our favor. She has been taking extra miles by direct message me (I believe she did the same for the rest) to confirm the delivery. This message supposes to be posted last two weeks but could not find a proper time to do it.

All in all, I just want to say Thank You #teammalaysia community and @littlenewthings for your never-ending support to all of the Malaysian Steemit members.

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