According to Wikipedia, FIFA World Cup is an International association football competition contested hosted by Fédération Internationale de Football Association. In short forms, it is known as a FIFA. FIFA World Cup also refer to as World Cup. This year World Cup is hosted in Russia. The game already over half way and will end on the final match of July, 15th 2018.

It is a football game which played by 11 people in a team versus another team with the same amount of people in the opponent team. It required teamwork and collaboration from each another through kicking or same cases handling a ball and score inside the goalpost in order to achieve a victory of the game.

A FIFA World Cup promote is not just a victory in a game but a victory for world peace among neighbors country as well. It supports and encourages respect to each another whether it is a win or loses the game. The major idea is to tackle racism and inequality either in religion, gender, race, sexuality, nationality or class.

To watch a great match of World Cup, we must have a great beer to drink throughout the match. Some of us may go out and gather with friends at the pub to watch it on the big screen and enjoy the shouting of “GOAL!” whenever a team is winning. Meanwhile, some of us may invite friends to the house to watch together in the living room on a television. The entire match of football is quite long which required 90 minutes to decide who is the winner of the game. To some extent, it may be required extra time or penalties to decide who is the last winner.

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The fans of World Cup definitely will enjoy more on the match with snack and beers. We need cool beer throughout the entire game. Recently my friends bought four cartons of Carlsberg beer for the coming soon match. To my surprise, he got a free cooler sleeve on every carton he brought. It is a limited edition comes available in 6 country of designs which is England, Brazil, Germany, France, Spain, and Portugal.

legendchew_carlsberg_cooler_sleeve (2).jpg

What is Carlsberg Beer?

Carlsberg beer origin was brewed in Denmark. It contains 4.7% alcohol level. The beer style is a lager and available in can or bottle. It is an excellent lager beer that tastes when you put ices into it. A golden rich flavor which satisfying and refreshing your body with premium quality of taste.

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What I wanted to show you is not the beer but the free cooler sleeve. With this cooler sleeve, it helps to maintain much longer on the temperature of the beer whenever we take out from the refrigerator. We can enjoy much longer using the cooler sleeve for our beer. As you can see, it fits well on the can. I think this a brilliant gift provided by the creative company of Carlsberg.

legendchew_carlsberg_cooler_sleeve (3).jpg
However, it will not fit well on a smaller cup shown as above.

legendchew_carlsberg_cooler_sleeve (5).jpg

Good News!

I manage to get four of them and will be giving away tomorrow on the Meetup & Support Steemit Northern Region #teammalaysia (Round 4). First come first served.

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In conjunction to support and celebrate the FIFA World Cup fever in 2018, I have decided to do a special giveaway! Whoever guesses correctly on which country is behind this cooler sleeve, he/she shall win @steembasicincome x 1! Limited up to first 5 corrected winners. First come first served! I Just comment in below of this post and the giveaway will announce after the 7 days payout.

Good luck!

Remark: All photos were originally taken using Samsung Galaxy Note5 and images redesigned by Legend Chew.

Congratulations @kouloumos, @superoo7 and @howtostartablog!

Your answer is CORRECT!


The country is behind this cooler sleeve is SPAIN.

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