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To search for a quality or favorite content to read can be a tedious work and time-consuming in Steemit. With CustomFeed, it helps to reduce unnecessary workload such as time scrolling from trending/ hot / new post since time is money.

It also benefits in term of manual curation rewards by upvote the post before a Steemit whale do.

A Steemit whale is a Steemit user who has at least one million US dollars estimated account value in SP (Steem Power). With his/her SP, she/he can influence the contribution and earners in Steemit network.

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Example result of a better curation.

Steemit Bookmark

The main features are it allows us to create a customize feed for our search and bookmark it into our browser. The next time we use it, we just need to click on the link to see the result we want.

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How To Use

For example, my initiative at the moment is to support #teammalaysia and #steemcommunity. I would like to see a fresh blog post after 20 minutes under #teammalaysia and #steemcommunity tag. In addition, I do not want a spam post. Therefore, I would prefer at least a 1,000 characters of a post to be displayed as a result and also has not been upvoted by Steemit bitbot. Below are the filter that I will used for the Steemit custom feed:

Filter Search
Type: Search by Created
Tags: teammalaysia,steemcommunity
Min body: 1000
No upvoting bots [Checkbox] Checked
Older than: 20

The bookmark link is described as below:,steemcommunity&minbody=1000&novotebots=true&olderthan=20
Click here for the link for Steemit custom feed bookmark.

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